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Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Supreme Grand Champion ExpresivePixie Frank James

Sire: LA SGC ExpresivePixie Butch Cassidy
Dam: OD ExpresivePixie Fancy Girl

Frank is a short haired, straight footed, massive boy with the perfect Pixie Bob face.  Eyes to die for, strong muzzle with excellent chin, fantastic boning, great color and the perfect bobcat tail.  Topped off with ear tufts a mile long, this boy is currently THE poster child for this breed.

After a very successful show career and producing excellent kittens that have competed at the highest level around the world, Frank retired shortly after his 4th birthday and is now living with our wonderful veterinarian and her two dogs, Henry and Charlie.  We could not have wished for a better home.

Champion Stars N Stripes Stryker

Sire: Fallen Soldier of Stars N Stripes
Dam: Blakstarr Final Offer

Stryker is a short haired, straight footed boy with a marvelous face, great hooded eyes, perfect ear shape and set, strong boning, great color and build like a truck.  He comes to us courtesy Michele Punzel of Stars N Stripes.  We are absolutely thrilled to have him in our program.

Stryker has sired two litters thus far with another one on the way.  We are very pleased with his "productions" and hopefully soon have his kittens represent this great fella in the show rings around the Pacific NW.

Forest Hunter Thunder Rayne

Sire: Silversprings Rolling Thunder
Dam: Purrring Desert Arizona

Rayne is a short haired, straight footed beauty who still takes our breath away on a daily basis with her amazing looks.  We just love her stunning face with a very strong muzzle, fantastic hooded eyes, good size and boning as well as the perfect little 2" tail.

Rayne is an 03 and cannot compete in the show ring.  However; her babies have competed successfully in show halls around the world (as far away as Siberia).  She is just one kitten short of getting her "OD" designation - Outstanding Dam - for having produced 5 Grand Champions.

Forest Hunter Thunder Glory

Sire: Silversprings Rolling Thunder
Dam: Purrring Desert Arizona

Glory is a full sister to Rayne, just from a different litter (we liked the pairing so much, we just had to repeat it).  She is a short haired, polydactyl girl who very much embodies the "old look" with her deep set eyes and perfectly diamond shaped muzzle. 

Glory is also an 03 and therefore cannot show.  That has not kept her from giving us some outstanding kittens that have competed successfully in show halls around the world.

Forest Hunter Saratoga

Sire: Seattle's Best Phoenix of Forest Hunter
Dam: Forest Hunter Thunder N Lightning

Saratoga is a short haired girl with a 3/4 tail and nice polydactyl feet.  She displays excellent head shape (inherited from her grandfather Silversprings Rolling Thunder) with deeply hooded eyes, a strong muzzle and excellent chin.  She is probably our most spotted cat and generously passes this feature along to her offspring.

Saratoga has produced two litters thus far with outstanding results.  We cannot wait to see what the future holds for her.

Stars N Stripes GI Jane, a.k.a. Janey

Sire: LA SGC ExpresivePixie Frank James
Dam: Private Peach of Stars N Stripes

Janey is a daughter of our now retired boy Frank and the result of a Forest Hunter/Stars N Stripes collaboration.

This girl is build like a boy.  Very heavy, muscular with strong boning.  She has a beautiful face with nicely hooded eyes, a strong muzzle with deep chin as well as perfectly shaped and placed ears.  The icing on the cake are her mile long ear tufts she inherited from her dad.  She has a nice golden brown warm color with a wonderfully spotted pattern.

Her tail is too short to compete in the show ring, but we are sure one of her babies will do the honors.  Janey is pregnant with her very first litter by our marvelous boy Stryker.  The kittens are going to arrive mid of January.

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